Creating the Art Direction for a Brand Course Sent to Over 7,000 Employees

To raise awareness and teach over 7,000 employees across 170 countries and territories about the UNDP Brand, the Brand and Marketing Team developed for over a year the Brand Learning Course. I was named Lead Designer on this project. I designed the interface and the Art Direction, based on the graphic chart and design system of the UNDP website and brand.

The illustrations and graphics are based on the flat design style, and use a set of 9 gradients. The gradients fit in the "Future-Smart" vision of the UNDP, the organization's Strategic Plan for 2022-2025.

I worked closely with the developer of the course, assuring that my designs respected high accessibility standards. I created the user interface, and also a small bank of icons for the menus.

The concept of the course is to go through multiple activities that teach you about what a brand is. For each activity completed, you earn a passport stamp. I designed the UNDP passport and the individual stamps.