I created the coolest coffee spot in New York City

In passion projects, there is no client and I had to give myself that role. It is not easy to chose a direction and stick to it. I wanted the visual identity to be welcoming, authentic and simple so that customers feel at home. Brews and Bites should feel like a premium coffee shop, but accessible to all and affordable.

I decided to base my concept around 3 pillars. Along with the combinaison of a brown tone and an off-white, I used a textured picture of a blue sky with clouds. This allowed me to bring diversity while keeping a restricted color palette. The sky represents freedom, nature and brings a feeling of relaxation. I also used 3 defined shapes across Brews and Bites' communication. These allow for coherent and easy to read layouts, and one of them is found in the logotype, circling the name of the shop. Finally, I used detoured pictures of the drinks crafted by the baristas.

As mentioned earlier, we can find the 3 shapes on almost every layout. It allowed me to have recurring elements, and a recurring layout by placing the shape in the middle of the document. I use a combination of a two condensed fonts : Kepler Std and Nimbus Sans that work really well together. 

The brand identity created for Brews and Bites reflects exactly the idea of this coffee spot. Using only a few brand elements allow for a coherent and simple communication, whether it is for print or digital documents.